Kemba Zola use words and images to promote being whole from a place of truth. Writing is an outer body experience in tune with the inner working of self. Imagery is a visualization of what is seen in the mirror.


Writing has no emotion, only the story which resonates with the reader.​

Kemba Zola recognize ones struggle becomes ones success. By encouraging women to properly heal from within; being equipped to handle past trauma, generational curses, and unforeseen future roadblocks. Together we tackle women relationship issues while celebrating wins. We share experiences and real life solutions. We build each other up with positivity. 

God. Love. Life

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Our Mission

To acknowledge life is created through the womb of woman. Women must be held in high regard and it begins with self love. Desiring via this website, workshops and retreats women are able to be open to mend mother/daughter, family or spousal relationships, strengthen self love and move as a force to be reckoned with. To ensure women are able to stand in their truth by completing the sentence

I am ______ !


Our Vision

To restore and empower female relationships (mother/daughter, family, friends, etc) via positive imagery and impactful writing. To share women stories of struggle to success with continued inspiration to live our best lives.

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Kemba Zola

God first, love hard, and always live your best life!

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