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For most of the night, a recurring thought kept waking me. The thought was “Good is not good enough. Always be great”. How do you handle recurring thoughts or when another person express the very thing you were thinking without knowing you were on the same path? Have you considered there is no original thought? Do you recognize God will confirm your journey in many forms? Is simply being good worthy enough?

Each time I woke up another layer was added to the thought. After prayer, I began to jot down some of my thoughts. It is easy to be good, who cannot do that? How? Simply do what is expected. Show up, be present, get the job done, and do not be lazy. That is all good.

Being great is more like extraordinary. It is creating vision and making the goals reality. It is being the 1st to show up, the last to leave, and doing what is necessary all the time plus more. Being great is overcoming obstacles because growth is not found on a smooth path. Being great is shaking up life and standing firm on principle when it is the unpopular thing to do. Being great is knowing we are gods and God said we can do anything.

When was the last time you did something great? Go be great.

Kemba Zola

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