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Staycation 4.6

Planes, trains, and automobiles. Say the word, it is vacation time. Not so fast in 2020. COVID-19 is real. Borders are closed. Americans are not being granted entrance into most countries. Heck, a good amount of North American states insist on 14 day quarantine upon arrival. In essence, a person will pay to travel and sit indoors. The fix, a perfect staycation.

In order to pull off the best staycation I had to consider who, what, where, when. When was easy, my 46th birthday. Who was a small group. What meant thinking of things I love to do, especially while on vacation. Where needed Yelp help. Everything worked out wonderful, making the staycation 1st of many to come. Here’s what the itinerary looked like.

Thursday: Visited Joyce Gordon Gallery. Located in Downtown Oakland, CA. Black owned with art from local artists. De Andre Drake of Airballin featured My Skin is Not a Crime casket. The casket depicts black men and women who were victims of police brutality as well as public figures that stood for social justice against systematic racism. The piece is powerful by the images alone. It tells the story of Black struggle, martyrs, and hope for the future. My 7 year old granddaughter joined me. She had a lot of questions. I answered them and more.

Friday: Shadow Glen Stables for horseback riding. Ever since I was a child I have loved horses from a distance. Why distance? Because my daddy never bought me one. Whenever there is an option to have horseback excursion, I go for it. My sister, her 9 and 11yr old joined myself and 7yr old. The children learned to groom and saddle their horses. The flies were a bit much, but they survived the random horse pooping, tail swatting, and learned to love on the beautiful creatures. The horses were matched by personality and experience. With a trail guide we “ride ‘em” through a California State Park in Fair Oaks, CA.

Saturday: Lake Berryessa for fun in the sun. Pleasure Cove Marina staff were quite friendly. The plan was to kayak. My 7yr old and I were 1st into our kayak. Easy peasy, but novice with paddling directions. Then dun dun dun dunnnn, next up my sister and cousin. Kayak was a bit too rocky for their pleasure in the cove. They were troopers, but refused to meet their ultimate tip over fate. We decided to rent a boat instead. As luck would have it, the only boats left were fishing boats. Who would have known the fishing boat could jump waves and make donuts. Fun fun fun. We actually were wet up more than we would have been in the kayak. So refreshing on a hot day. Or as the 7yr old said while she was driving the boat with one hand in the air “It’s party time, baybee”!

Sunday: Aww, the rest. My spirit revitalized, energy on point, and heart smiling.

Staycations can be super fun. Consider the who, what, when, and where and make it happen. The cost is feasible, as travel expenses, overnight lodging or multiple meals are not required. Leave home in the morning and return before nightfall. As far as social distancing or COVID-19 compliant is concerned, restrictions are enforced. The places above all required masks in public space or within 6ft of others. Reservations were limited to reduce the amount of folks on the property. Get outside and enjoy the summer, responsibly.

Stay safe, stay alert, keep good energy, and pray all the time.


Kemba Zola

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